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Chapter 47: The Thing That Invaded the Sanctuary

You may have seen the disappointing news I posted about this series. I was deliberating whether I want to continue or not last week and had my COVID vaccine shot, so I didn’t post on Sat. I apologize for that, but let’s get to the point:

This series is fluff and foodie, according to the author. I picked this up for yuri but I’m okay with fluff. Unfortunately, I can barely tolerate the food and almost died while translating those chapters… also, my parents paid for summer remote classes and that will stress me out a lot. I’ll continue posting chapters maybe up to c50 or c55, but would appreciate it if anyone could pick this up. I lost quite a sum of motivation. These decisions are not set in stone for now at least, but I don’t want to let you guys have too much expectation.


As I followed Ruri, the other monsters shuffled and gathered together.

  〈 They’ve all come to see you. 〉


  《 Of course it’s because you saved the chief of this sanctuary. They’ve come here to say thanks, master. 》

I see, I didn’t know he was so well-liked.

Oh, a rabbit approached me with a shining crystal in its hand. I wonder what it is.

  《 She’s giving it to you 》

“Eh, this?”

Apparently, only the chief, Ruri, can speak. What she was dexterously holding in her small hands looked like a walnut. I examined it further with Divine Sight.

 Name: Miso Nut

Nn! This is…… the name’s exactly what it is!

Remove the hard exterior shell, add in water and mix for a salty, light brown food.

…… it is miso!!!


I subconsciously took the rabbit’s paw and shook it frantically.

   《 Master? What’s wrong? 》

“It’s miso, miso! This world has it tooooo!”

    《 I, I know so calm down! 》

Wa! What was I even doing……

“I’m sorry?”

The rabbit who gave me the nut shook her head as if to say that it was fine.

“Um… if you don’t mind, could I have some more of these?”

After saying that, the rabbit had a discussion with the others that were around, I think? I wonder if it would bring me more. 

  《Master, do you really want it that badly? 》

“Of course!! Don’t you know… ah, I’ll make some miso soup for you later!”

    《Omisoshiru? Is it good? 》

“Of course! But the salt content…”

『It is not a problem』

Oh, thank goodness. She said she didn’t need to eat before, but that doesn’t mean she can’t eat.

  〈 Divine-… Marina-sama, this way please. 〉

Oh! I completely forgot.

“I’m sorry! I’ll come over right now!”

Since I got distracted by the the gathered monsters, I was in the wrong and therefore have to apologize.

“What…… is this?”

The place that Ruri led me to… couldn’t be called a sanctuary. The trees shriveled up and withered, while the ground was pitch black.

  〈 This is what invaded the sanctuary…… a 【Malediction】〉

A malediction…… like, a curse?

『There is no problem with that understanding. However, there are two main types of maledictions.』

And they are?

『The first type is called a Grudge. Negative emotions such as sadness, hatred, and anger all come together to form this malediction. It can curse others, or take a form manifested by their will. A typical example is ……  a Demon King.』

Demon King… I’ve never thought I’d be hearing about it here.

『By the way, you and the others are summoned here for that reason— to defeat the Demon King』

Ueh!? That’s why!?

『Yes. They are most likely leveling up in a dungeon right now.』

S- seriously… perhaps, are we going to meet?

『I don’t think you will encounter them any time soon. They are currently in another country.』

Fuuun, I think that’s enough today. Teach me more about the maledictions please.

『Yes. The second type is made by the sorcerer. In this case, the negative emotions of the sorcerer become a curse for their use. It is still possible to put a curse on someone without negative emotions. However, the power of this malediction will be reduced.』

I see, it’s a normal curse. So, what about this time?

『This time it is the former.』

So it’s caused by a Grudge?


I understand. Should I release light magic like I did for Ruri?



『……….. I apologize. This is confidential.』

 ……Huh? Confidential? Why?

『It’s confidential.』

 No, that’s why 『It’s confidential』…okay

It hurts that Haku didn’t give me any advice, but I have no choice but to give it a try anyways.

I put my hands on the ground and channeled the same light magic I did for Ruri. Then, I felt a tingling sensation.



As I was channeling my mana with the tingling sensation, the ground suddenly exploded.

 《Master! Are you alright?

”I’m fine… but why?”

That sensation… maybe it was rejected. So, is it not possible with Light magic?

         〈Fumu……… It seems that Marina-sama hasn’t mastered her powers yet.〉

My powers……? I’m sure I can handle them… wait, this shouldn’t be what Ruri is talking about. Maybe it’s intuition? Somehow or the other.

    〈Power of the Gods. Divine power is what you probably unconsciously used when saving me〉

Divine… power? Eh, I don’t remember anything about that? Unconsciously? Does that mean I wasn’t using light magic at all?

        〈Is Marina-sama perhaps…. the Dragon of Spring?〉

Umm… explanation!

『There are different types of divine dragons. You can’t be considered a Divine Dragon anymore, but was supposed to be a Dragon of Spring.』

 ……un. I have a lot of questions, but what exactly is a Dragon of Spring!?

『The Dragon of Spring is a living being… which means, it governs “Life” as well as affection.』

More on that!

『…In other words, you unconsciously used the power of life on Ruri.』

…In other words, I gave out life force?

『That is correct. The curse this time had an affinity with you.』

…… I see, the withered plant life here is obvious. It seems… I have found a good match? Anyways, I have to try it out! But, how do I use this power….

『That is confidential』 

Of course it is! I knew it. But what do I do now!

    〈Marina-sama, you must think about what it means to be alive.〉

As I was struggling, Ruri gave me some advice. Wait, how did you even know? …un. I think it’s better not to ask.

So, what is the meaning of life? …… I think the meaning of life is to be cheerful. I think it’s about laughing with everyone, eating good food, sleeping well, working hard… I don’t know how to describe it. It makes you feel warm inside? Actually, my heart is warm right now… n?

      〈I see you’ve noticed. It’s called divine power.〉

I see… so this is divine power. It’s not like magic, but a very warm power. A gentle power. I’m sure I felt a little of it when I saved Ruri.

The warm power spreads out and envelopes everything. May you all be relieved of pain….

 《Wow… Master, that’s amazing》

I heard Prenna’s voice near my ear. But I’m not amazing at all, I’m only here because of the support of many people. So now I just want to give it back to them. I want to return the warmth that was given to me.

       〈…… As expected of her…〉

What Ruri muttered entered my ears too.

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quite unfortunate but i expected this to get dropped at some point (regardless of not knowing what the circumstances are), these types of novels are fun but rarely do they get translated big time, i guess that’s gonna be it for the series until one of the yuri TLers picks it up for one chapter per month. Anyways, thank you for translating everything thus far, as disappointed as i am i am also respectful of your choice and grateful for having done 47 chapters

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