Ongoing over capacity

Chapter 46: Waking

“…an unfamiliar ceiling”

That was a line I’ve always wanted to say at least once before. But seriously, where am I?

I had woken up on a bed in what seemed to be a room of a log cabin. I propped up my upper body and looked at my surroundings. It was a small room with a single bed, door and window. 

“Where is this place…?”

I peeked out the window that was right next to the bed.

What I could see was… trees. Trees everywhere.

Ah…I’m starting to remember now. I recall going into the Forest of Fog, finding a sanctuary, and saving a rabbit there…

“Yes! The rabbit!”

I jumped out of bed with a start. I had fallen asleep too… how embarrassing.

Just then, the door snapped open.

  《 Ah! Master!》

The person who came through the door was Prenna. As soon as she entered the room, she ran to me at once.

“Prenna! What’s wrong?”

  《 What’s wrong? I was worried about you!》

“S- sorry.”

Prenna sat on my lap, pouting and fuming… Cute.

  《 You’re not sorry at all!》

“Ah, no. It’s not like that, y’know.”

You’re so perceptive!

“Also, what is this place?”

 《This is a hut that I and the monsters of the sanctuary built together.》

Together? From scratch?

“Wow, that’s amazing… oh, and what happened to that rabbit?”

  《Oh my god! You should at least worry about your own body a little!》

“S- sorry”

I feel like I’ve been apologizing a lot ever since I woke up.

  〈 Fuofuo. You are awake, Divine Dragon-dono 〉

As I was talking to Prenna, a voice suddenly resonated in my head. Divine Dragon-dono?

  《Oh, Chief!》

Chief? I followed Prenna’s line of sight, and there stood the rabbit who I got rid of the curse from.

“Ah, you’re okay”

        〈Yes. I’m fine now, thanks to you. I really can’t thank you enough, Divine Dragon-dono. 〉

“Well… is this Divine Dragon-dono me?

         〈Of course it is〉

Saying that as if it’s obvious, how did you even know I was a divine dragon?

“May I ask, how did you know I am a divine dragon?”

For some reason I felt like I was talking to a senpai, so I changed how I spoke.

             〈Fuoho… I believe it is called the wisdom of age…〉

 …I knew it, you were a senpai* in life. It’s just that…

*senpai generally means superior. You’re probably more familiar with it in a school setting.

“Um, can you please stop calling me ‘Divine Dragon-dono’? It’s a little embarrassing… just Marina is fine.”

      〈Is that so? Then I’ll call you Marina-sama.〉

H- he’s so stiff.

“Um, what’s your name?”

      〈I don’t have a name, but everyone calls me Chief〉

I’ve seen it with Divine Sight, so I already knew, but without a name…

“May I give you a name? It’s a bit inconvenient in many ways without one.”

      〈Really, you’re giving me a name? I’m really thankful, so… please do.〉

This felt like a heavy responsibility for some reason. Naming is a contract, so I guess it can’t be helped.

Now, what would be good… grey body, eyes the color of lapis lazuli…

“Then… how about ‘Ruri’?”

*Ruri is how you pronounce Lapis Lazuli in Japanese. It’s made up of the kanji 瑠璃

I made it simple………. because I can’t think of a better name than that!!

When I said the name, the rabbit— no, Ruri’s body was enveloped in light. I subconsciously closed my eyes.

      〈Ooh… thank you, Marina-sama.〉

Hearing that, I opened my eyes to see that the rabbit, which had looked a bit sallow a moment ago, became youthful. No, isn’t this a bit too much?

Like Prenna, there was a single golden line running through its body, but in a different place. The line went from the nose, through the top of the head, and down the middle of the back, to the tail.

 《Master! Don’t be so reckless again!》

“Eh, eh? I don’t think I’m reckless?”

It’s true that a bit of my mana was consumed, but that’s all. Since I’d slept before, my mana stores might have already replenished.

『That is correct』

Ah, it is right? I should see my status to confirm… now, is a good time.


When I uttered that word, a familiar semi-transparent screen appeared in front of me.

┠Status┨─ ────────

 *In () is the genuine status that is kept hidden

 Name: Marina Fell Vernier

 Race: Human (possibly a divine dragon)

 Age: 5

 Level: 85

 Occupation: C Rank Adventurer

 Status: Magic Power 500 (95400)       HP 500 (64050)

 Magic: Water Attribute V      Wind Attribute V     Fire Attribute V     Storage V      (Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Grass, Light, Dark, Neutral, Holy, Time, Spatial, Barrier, Transfer, Healing, Divine)

 Unique Skills (All in Concealment): Infinite Storage Inventory EX     Haku [Formerly Navigator] EX      Language Comprehension EX     Advanced Rapid Mana Recovery EX      Abnormal Status Resistance EX     Divine Sight Concealment

 Skills: Photographic Memory X     Mana Circulation X    Search X      Magic Control X   Cooking X   Woodwork VII  Weapon Crafting V    Weapon Mastery V    Alchemy V    Mana Preservation III

 Title (in total concealment): Victim of God     Blessing of Grandria, God of Earth      Blessing of the Eight Million    Blessing of Oceanis, Goddess of Water     Blessing of Aeries, Goddess of Wind    Blessing of Ishwarm, God of Fire    ∀★ゝ○Σ#⊂

 Family: Tuberga species [Prenna]     Veltoras species [Ruri]


I gave you the unique skill of concealment. With this, you can hide whatever you want. Also, the other gods have given you their blessings, and they’d appreciate it if you could come to the church soon to talk.


 Wow ……… I definitely can’t show this to others. And what’s with the garbled text again? I don’t even know anymore!!


     《Oh, Master? Are you okay?》

Uuuu… Prenna’s so cute when she’s worried about me!

“I’m fine, it’s just my status, you know.”

While I was saying that, she climbed into my lap where I rubbed her.


 …… She’s like a cat.

“Oh and what caused your curse, Ruri?”

      〈It’s…no, I thought it would be to have it looked at sooner. But if that’s not possible, we can do it tomorrow…〉

“No, I’m fine now. Besides, we don’t have much time, do we?”

 That’s…yes. Then please follow me.〉

I put the stretched out Prenna on my shoulder and followed Ruri out of the room.

 Little did she know, she’d been asleep for 3 days.

By A-chan

Back from the dead

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When is the mc meeting the fl? 👁👅👁 thats honestly what i need and wanna know, also forgot the fact that mc is FIVE! THE SAME AGE AS A CERTAIN ARSONIST IN GENSHIN IMPACT!

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Yes, 1.6 is finally out and I currently saved enough gems. If only I could beat 50/50…. I’m probably gonna buy Welkin Moon cuz Ayaka is coming next patch. Are you planning to roll?


Im broke i fucked my resources up 😂😂 😭, well a lot or some of the novels on NU sometimes just put shoujo ai tag as some sort of clickbait or sometimes the only stage the fl and mc gets to is the “best friends” stage, but please do check it 😭😭

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Also, idk when she’s meeting the fl. This is so slow that’s I’ve wondered if the previous TL just made a mistake with the tags. I’m gonna skim through the future chapters to check…


Ah wait, is there gonna be a massive time skip just to get the mc at the age of adulthood or smth?


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